Ebony Cuts - Analog Mastering & Mixing
Ebony Cuts - Analog Mastering & Mixing


After almost 20 years in the music business DJing, producing, remixing & re-editing, pressing dubplates, vinyl collecting and restoring, the next logical step was to put this experience to use! So it was in 2011 that we started to make our mastering & mixing skills available to the public.

Whether you are striving for analogue warmth, vintage vibe or modern clarity and punch in your sound, Ebony Cuts will get you there.
Be it Deep House, Disco, audiophile Jazz, Soul, Funk, Electro, Old School, Hiphop or 60s Folk Rock - we have collected, played and mastered it.

Our clients know that their music is treated with utmost respect.
Each track is individually evaluated as to which analogue/digital processing is needed in order to unleash the music's full potential.

We do this for the love of the music!
We will not rest until the artist is 100% satisfied.

Our services in short:

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